lo Squaderno no. 53 | Neighbourhood Portraits

lo Squaderno no. 53 – September 2019 | Neighbourhood Portraits

a cura di / dossier coordonné par / edited by // Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Cristina Mattiucci & Andrea Pavoni
Guest artist / artiste présenté / artista ospite // Enzo Umbaca

Contents / Sommaire / Contenuti

  1. Editorial
  2. Chima Michael Anyadike-Danes, You’ve got to be there to know it. Experiencing LA’s Koreatown
  3. Sara Bonfanti, Walking along in Southall. Changing frames of a fabled ghetto in greater London
  4. Fuad Musallam, A Hamra Crossroads. Particular Histories in the Historic Neighbourhood
  5. Nick Dines, Stop Pasolini. Excavating the social underbelly of a gentrifying neighbourhood in Rome
  6. Serena Olcuire, Quarticciolo, the perfect dimension. Decay, coexistence and resistance in a roman ecosystem
  7. The Housing History Collective, Tiny events. Tales of urban domesticity from Lingotto, a former working-class neighborhood in Turin
  8. Alessandro Coppola, The differentiation of the trivial. The bars in NoLo (Milan) as micro-publics in the age of urban super-diversification
  9. Lucia Baima & Angelo Caccese, Urbanism from within. An oblique gaze on Lavapiés
  10. Plácido Muñoz Morán, Imagining the future of Vallcarca. An ethnography of urban materials and their politics
  11. Luca Onesti, Da Tatavla a Kurtuluş. Storia e memoria di un quartiere greco di Istanbul
  12. Miriam Tedeschi, Multiple neighbourhoods. Affective manifold spaces in Turku
  13. Valeria Raimondi, ‘Free zone Exarchia’. Narratives of an antagonist neighbourhood
  14. Ilektra Kyriazidou, Complex intimacies in a Thessaloniki refugee neighborhood
  15. Giuseppina Forte, The Neighborhood in the Morro. Heterogeneity, Difference, and Emergence in a Periphery of the Global South

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