lo Squaderno no. 47 | Austerity and (spatial) rights

lo Squaderno no. 47 – March 2018  | Austerity and (spatial) rights

a cura di / dossier coordonné par / edited by // Sandra Annunziata & Cristina Mattiucci
Guest artist / artiste présenté / artista ospite // Stefano Serretta

Contents / Sommaire / Contenuti

  1. Editorial
  2. Graeme Hayes, Regimes and Spaces of Austerity: Inside the British University
  3. Simone Tulumello, “And who was left to deal with it? The police”: reflecting on permanent, low-intensity austerity in Memphis
  4. Pietro Vicari, Genealogia della crisi fiscale urbana
  5. Jonathan Davies, Managing Austerity: Insights into Spatial Governance from an English City
  6. Penny Koutrolikou, Austerity and Socio-Spatial (In)justices in Athens
  7. Roberto Falanga, Participatory processes for whom? A critical look at Portugal in times of austerity
  8. Pietro Saitta, Austerity e anti-austerity: il caso di Messina, “citta ribelle”
  9. Sander van Lanen, Austerity beyond the budget cut: experiences of austerity urbanism by disadvantaged urban youth
  10. Tino Petzold & Anika Duveneck, Austerity, (In)Justice and Space