lo Squaderno no. 46 | Suburbs and Interstices

lo Squaderno no. 46 – December 2017  | Suburbs and Interstices

a cura di / dossier coordonné par / edited by // Mattias Kärrholm & Andrea Mubi Brighenti
Guest artist / artiste présenté / artista ospite // Ross Racine

Contents / Sommaire / Contenuti

  1. Editorial
  2. Cristian Silva, The Interstitial Spaces of Urban Sprawl. Understanding the Components of the Unbuilt Suburban Geography of Santiago de Chile
  3. Alan Walks, Suburbs and Suburbanisms: Socio-Spatial Technologies and Radically-Open Fields of Possibilities
  4. Fredrik Torisson, Spectres of the Suburb – Who’s Haunting Hyllie?
  5. Sandra Kopljar, A centre on the margin
  6. Alvise Torresin, L’Arcella come periferia e come interstizio urbano
  7. Andrea Mubi Brighenti & Mattias Kärrholm, The Fragmented Neighbourhood and the Possibility of the Interstice. On the relation between home-making and public space