lo Squaderno no. 51 | Logistical Territories

lo Squaderno no. 51 – March 2019  | Logistical Territories

a cura di / dossier coordonné par / edited by // Into the Black Box & Cristina Mattiucci
Guest artist / artiste présenté / artista ospite // Michael Hieslmair & Michael Zinganel | tracingspaces.net

Contents / Sommaire / Contenuti

  1. Editorial
  2. Yair Rubinstein, Platform Economies and the Logistics of Urban Space: The Case of Deliveroo and its East London “Dark Kitchens”
  3. Michael Zinganel, Rhythms of Post-Urbanity: Road-Corridors, Nodes, and Networked Archipelagos
  4. Alberto Valz Gris, Tangling a bi-oceanic corridor
  5. Nancy Couling and Carola Hein, Energy Logistics of the North Sea: A crowded industrial void
  6. Alban Mannisi, Weed Have Never Been Post-Modern. Note from the logistic oriented Australian planning
  7. Jonathan Silver and Alan Wiig, Turbulence, territory and global infrastructure in a new world (dis)order
  8. Alessandro Peregalli, Zone e corridoi logistici in America Latina
  9. Andrea Bottalico, Note sulla logistica portuale e i luoghi di transito delle merci
  10. Matthew Hockenberry, The Place of All Things: Shenzhen as Oriental Bazaar
  11. Guillermo León Gómez, Reflecting on Counterlogistics in Panama
  12. Evelina Gambino, Beyond seamlessness: The making and unmaking of a logistical territory
  13. Nicolas Raimbault, Multiplication of logistics parks and invisibilisation of blue-collar workplaces in post-industrial metropolises
  14. Emiliana Armano, Daniela Leonardi e  Annalisa Murgia, Piattaforme digitali e territori di resistenza alla precarietà. Un’inchiesta sulla contro-connettività  dei riders di Foodora