lo Squaderno no. 9 | Democrazia e Governo / Democracy and Government

lo Squaderno 9, September 2008

Democracy and Government / Democrazia e Governo

edited by Paul Blokker, Andrea Mubi Brighenti and Peter Schaefer

Guest artist / Ogino Knauss


  1. Editoriale / Editorial
  2. Peter Schaefer, Introductory note
  3. Paul Blokker, The Democratic Turn: Democracy Between Closure and Indeterminacy
  4. Michael Welch, Crimes of Power in a Post-9/11 World: A Timely Look at State Crime and Impunity / Crimini del potere in un mondo post-11 settembre
  5. Alessandro de Giorgi, Policing The Crisis – Italian Style
  6. Leonidas K. Cheliotis, No Sympathy for the Devil (unless she wears Prada)
  7. Hydra, Democratico sarà lei!
  8. Christopher Gohl, Thinking Ahead: The Project of a Comprehensive Civil Society
  9. Claus Dierksmeier, Globalization versus Globality
  10. Patricia Chiantera-Stutte, Do we need a European identity? Considerations on the Referendums “against” Europe
  11. Marc De Leeuw & Sonja Van Wichelen, The Cultural Politics of ‚Dutchness’
  12. Kristina Stoeckl, False dichotomies
  13. Andrea Mubi Brighenti, The political and the techno-social / Il politico e il tecno-sociale