lo Squaderno no. 32 | Early morning – As the city wakes up

lo Squaderno no. 32, June 2014 | Early morning – As the city wakes up

a cura di / dossier coordonné par / edited by // Mattias Karrholm, Andrea Mubi Brighenti & Mariasole Ariot
Guest artist / artiste présentée / artista ospite // Erin Lee

Contents / Sommaire / Contenuti

  1. Editoriale / Editorial
  2. Mattias Kärrholm, The square of events – rhythmanalysing the time-spaces of an urban public place / La piazza-evento. Ritmanalizzare gli spazi-tempi di un luogo urbano
  3. Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Early morning – A temporal interstice in urban life
  4. David Ottosson, Morning exorcism
  5. Eric Laurier, Breakfast out
  6. Phillip Vannini, Mentre tu dormivi: storie di traghetti e pendolari in British Columbia / While you were sleeping. Of ferries and commuters in British Columbia
  7. Stephen Tomsen, A dangerous proximity: the night-time economy and the city’s early morning
  8. Yohko Tsuji, Good Bye Rush Hour Trains, Hello Morning Walks. Changes in Morning Experience for Japanese Retirees
  9. Emma Paulsson, Doing Street Art in Backyards and Vacant Sites
  10. Francesco Forlani, Paris s’eveille