lo Squaderno no. 52 | Overflow

lo Squaderno no. 52 – June 2019  | Overflow

a cura di / dossier coordonné par / edited by // Andrea Pavoni & Alex Wafer
Guest artist / artiste présenté / artista ospite // Doung Johangeer

Contents / Sommaire / Contenuti

  1. Editorial
  2. May Joseph, Kerala Deluge: Archipelagic Knowing
  3. Laura Lo Presti, Hydro-idiocy. Bringing the aquatic ‘unthought’ into the dried landscape of Palermo
  4. Mary Gearey, Fluid logic. The effluence and the affluence behind urban water efficiency paradigms
  5. Alessandro Gerosa, Alcohol and the city: the logistics of alcoholic flows in urban transformations
  6. Holly Randell-Moon, Frigid flows. Containment and excess in the sociospatial production of studentification in Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand
  7. Elena Caccin & Fabio Bertoni, Pfand and bottles: drinking patterns in the city
  8. Sarah Marusek, Coffee and the Queue. Linear Normativity and Vehicular Flow of the American Drive-Thru
  9. Vincent Van Uffelen & Rocio von Jungenfeld, Fluid Design
  10. Alex Wafer & Andrea Pavoni, Liquidscapes of the City